PT. Satelit Sriti has been running seaweed processing for about 30 years and has been recently developing to be one of the biggest agar-agar producers in Indonesia due to both our competency and society's trust.

During the aforesaid period, PT. Satelit Sriti has been establishing its achievement and playing a role in the development of Indonesia. Therefore, PT. Satelit Sriti is ready to serve either local or global food market demand, particularly of seaweed and agar-agar, along with its better experience and production process that is in line with the era progress.

Our factory is equipped with stainless steel equipments to keep the hygiene of our products and has laboratory to control the quality of the products and to conduct research and product development.

Our production process has a clear operational standard procedure so that the quality of the products is reliable. Currently, we operate 3 lines of production processing units with a capacity of 400 tons yearly.

Hopefully,the existence of PT. Satelit Sriti shall be more beneficial for our beloved nation and country of Indonesia as one of superior food industries.

"Our quality agar-agar powder"

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